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Powerful Data Coltion with new Carlson SurvCE 2.0
Get the user-requested features you've been waiting for!

New Carlson SurvCE 2.0 combines advanced functionality, ease-of-use, and sheer capability to make it the first choice in data collection software. Carlson SurvCE 2.0 is a complete data collection system for Real Time (RTK) GPS and Total Stations with in-field coordinate geometry. It supports the widest range of popular and new release RTK GPS and conventional/ robotic total stations.

(Version 2.0)


Easy to use
Tab-Based MENU Structure. All commands are visible in each menu, preventing the need for Up-Down Arrow Keying to view options.
Enhanced graphics
Collect points in the graphics mode. Points plot as they are shot in the field or entered. There is no need to switch between screens to view your points.
Read in LandXML
Supports LandXML points, DTM, graphics, alignments, profiles and sections.
New Features
New Look
SurvCE Versio2 has a new colorful look. Icons have been standardized to create continuity throughout the product, while modernizing the user experience.
Hot List
The new Hot List lets users jump to the SurvCE 2 routines that previously had shortcuts without having to memorize key strokes. It also provides shortcut functionality to devices without keyboards.
SurvCE 2 can compute volumes between two surfaces, one surface and an elevation or simple stockpile volumes. Surfaces can be defined by graphical entities and points or by Carlson TIN files
The software has optional on-board help files. These files are the entire user manual and can be installed separately. Click on the SurvCE icon and select Help to get the help document that pertains to the current routine.
SurvCE 2 can be used to collect trigonometric level loops and digital level loops. Loops can be processed and adjusted on the device and all existing project coordinate points can be updated.
GPS Networks
SurvCE 2 supports several GPS network protocols, such as NTRIP, TCP and UDP.
The software supports an unlimited number of localization points. All project scale settings and coordinate system options have been centrally located in the localization dialog.
  Angle Sets in Store Points
SurvCE 2 allows users to “Configure” how each reading is measured with regard to direct and reverse options (Formerly know as SS/Trav). If direct and reverse readings are taken at the backsight, then any direct and reverse foresight will be considered an angle set and will be reduced accordingly. This eliminates the need to use a separate routine for angle sets.


 Station Equations

SurvCE 2 supports station equations.
Job Settings
SurvCE 2 has the option to use a template DXF file for new jobs so that all layers and colors are automatically created per your company standard.
It has the option to auto-load cutsheets and control files from the previous job for those users that work on one site continuously
SurvCE 2 has the ability to turn off the auto-descriptions in stakeout and completely customize how all stakeout routines behave
Point Number by Interval –SurvCE 2 can interval the point ID by using the “Add to Next Pt ID” option. To number all points on the odd numbers, start at 1 and use 2 in this field.
  Feature Coding
SurvCE 2 can collect parallel lines using the offset horizontal and offset vertical line drawing commands and close a rectangle by three points using the rectangle command. In the settings section of Special Codes, the user can even auto compute and store the additional points at the line vertices that were created by the software.
SurvCE 2 allows the user to code in numerous coding styles that may be defined by their office package.
Instrument Switching
SurvCE 2 keeps track of every instrument completely separate. This includes all base stations, rovers and total stations, so that mixing equipment is easy. Simply configure your gear once and forget it. The instrument icon has been enhanced to allow you to switch between your current equipment.
  Skew Angle Staking
SurvCE 2 supports staking offsets on a skew angle and provides the option to stake offset intersections and bisectors at angle points and the radius or PI point of an arc without leaving the Stake Line/Arc routine.
  SurvCE 2 Has More:
  Supported Instruments;
  Supported File Formats;
  Supported Handheld Devices.

Supported Data Collectors

Carlson SurvCE 2 supports all major manufacturers' conventional and robotic total stations and RTK GPS systems. Here are just a few examples:
Carlson Surveyor/Surveyor+
Topcon Positioning Juniper Systems
Juniper Allegro
Carlson Explorer


Supported Instrument Default Settings
Instrument Baud Parity Bits Stop
Ashtech/Thales  9600 None 8 1
CSI-DGPS Max 9600 None 8 1
Leica System
1200 GPS
115,200 None 8 1
Leica System
500 GPS
9600 None 8 1
Leica System
50 GPS
9600 None 8 1
Leica TPS Series 19200 None 8 1
Leica Robotic
Total Station
19200 None 8 1
Leica (Wild) Older Models 2400 Even 7 1
NAVCOM 9600 None 8 1
Nikon 310, 500 4800 None 8 1
Nikon 800 9600 None 8 1
Nikon A Series 9600  None 8 1
NMEA GPS Receiver 9600 None 8 1
NovAtel 9600 None 8 1
Pentax 1200 None 8 1
Sokkia Radian  9600 None 8 1
Sokkia Radian IS  9600 None 8 1
Sokkia GSR
2600 GPS
9600  None 8 1
Sokkia GSR
2700 IS
115,200 None 8 1
Sokkia Set 1200 None 8 1
Sokkia Set
110M Series
9600 None 8 1
Sokkia Axis /
Axis 3 GPS
9600 None 8 1
Topcon GPS+ 115200 None  8 1
Topcon GTS Series 1200 Even 7 1
Topcon 200 Series  1200 Even 7 1
Topcon 800 Direct 1200 Even  7 1
Topcon 800 Remote 4800 None 8 1
Topcon APL 1 9600 None  8 1
Topcon HiPer XT 115,200 None  8 1
Trimble 5600 9600 None 8 1
Trimble 4000 GPS 9600 None 8 1
Trimble GPS General 9600 None 8 1
Trimble Path Finder 9600 Odd 8 1
Zeiss 50 9600 None 8 1
Zeiss RL 9600 None 8 1

Screen Captures

Collect points in the graphics mode.
Tab based menu structure.
Compute volumes in SurvCE 2.
Hot List lets users jump to routines.
Supports an unlimited number of localization points.
Angle Sets in Store Points – Faster, more efficient collection.
Job Settings – Customize layers, colors, cutsheets, descriptions and much more.
Point Number by Interval – Advanced point ID controls.
Leveling – Collect and process trigonometric & digital level loops.
Instrument Switching – SurvCE keeps track of every instrument, so switching equipment is fast and easy.
Feature Coding – Add numerous coding styles & functions.



Supported Data Collectors
Supported Instrument Default Settings
Screen Captures

We have been pleasantly surprised at the success of Carlson Softwares. It truly meets a need in the marketplace. It has been embraced by end users and dealers alike.

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