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Carlson Roads 2006 is the result of combining the powerful road, sewer, and pipe design features of SurvCADD with the Autodesk OEM graphics engine. If you are using Carlson Roads 2004, or just want to know, check out the feature and improvement list for Carlson Roads 2006

Carlson Roads reads and writes standard AutoCAD drawings and it is one of a few software packages to include read-write ability in Land XML file formats for Internet transfer of design data. More importantly, Carlson Roads is built around the standard AutoCAD command set, assuring familiarity to AutoCAD-trained staff. Carlson Roads is the perfect companion to Carlson Survey 2006, or it can be another whole workstation for in-the-field design of templates, profiles and cross-sections.

• Design or enter as-built data for road, sewer or pipe profiles on existing profiles or grid at any horizon or vertical scale. No elaborate setup! Design roads using sight distance or K values for review and compliance.

Screen based template design - All template design features (grades, curbs, medians, subgrades, cut or fill treatment ...) displayed as icons. Input data of existing templates are displayed and reviewed graphically on screen.

Simple or complex template design - Create simple two lane or complex four lane divided highways with inside and outside curbs, super-elevation, variable width, subbase, multiple templates, right-of-way treatment, etc.

• Stored templates can be plotted as template details for a normal full template or only left, right, cut, fill, super, curb or median treatment.

Powerful road design - Carlson Roads is the only PC road design software that can, with one command, draw an entire road in 3D showing everything from median, surface pavement, curbs, shoulders, ditches, with automatic cut or fill outslopes drawn as smooth slope transitions or slopes in series. Draw finished grade contours that tie into the existing contours and break the existing contours within the disturbed area of the road and put them into a new layer. Calculate the cut and fill earthwork, median, curb, and all subbase volumes. Output template break points for all cross-section stations to a coordinate file for stakeout and store the point descriptions of the station, offset left or right distance, and their template description (E,P,CURB1,SH ...) Output all finished grade data, including subbase treatment, to a cross section file for cross section plotting.

We have been pleasantly surprised at the success of Carlson Softwares. It truly meets a need in the marketplace. It has been embraced by end users and dealers alike.

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