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There is something new happening in landform design. It’s the future. It’s natural. Be a part of it. Carlson Natural Regrade with GeoFluv™ applies fluvial geomorphic principles to upland landform design. This unique Carlson 2007 module helps you to create a landscape design that mimics the functions of the natural landscape that would naturally evolve over time. The result is a stable hydrologic equilibrium ... naturally..

Old Method

Based on conveying a single extreme discharge event

Conveys only water discharge effectively at lower Q

Requires expensive off-site earth material, e.g., rip-rap

Expensive on steep slopes Requires long-term maintenance

Requires maximum backfill to lower slopes

Provides minimal slope aspect diversity Visual affront

Rigid design sideboards limit landscape alternatives

Regulatory agencies not satisfied
Natural Regrade
software with GeoFluv™

Based on all discharges

Natural channel morphology conveys water and sediment discharge; hydrologic balance

Built with on-site materials

Cost is significantly lower than gradient terraces and down drains on steep slopes


Can reclaim steep slopes in stable and suitable configurations, save money on material moving

Increased slope aspect diversity promotes vegetation success and animal habitat

Natural beauty

Landscape designs can vary and provide alternatives

Regulatory agencies embrace, GeoFluv™ approach is award-winning

Key Features:

The essence of the GeoFluv™ approach is to identify the type of drainage network, i.e., stream channels and valleys, which would tend to form over a long time given the site’s earth materials, relief, and climate to achieve a stable landform, and to design and build that landform. The resulting slopes and stream channels are stable because they are in balance with these conditions. They are a reclamation alternative to uniform slopes with terraces and down-drains. Rather than fight the natural forces that shape the land, GeoFluv™ helps the user create a landscape that harmonizes with these forces.

• Natural Regrade software replaces lengthy and tedious manual calculations with fast, efficient design

• Natural Regrade frees the user’s creative design energies

• View topographic maps and three-dimensional images of the resulting landscape design

• One-button volumes and cut / fill material balance calculations for designs gives instant colored-coded feedback

• Rapid evaluation of many landscape design alternatives allows the user to select the optimum landscape design for bond alternatives, construction costs, changing mine plans, land use,

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One-button view of 3D triangle mesh model of design helps user see effect of design changes fast

The user may modify the draft landform, for example to reduce the fill volume by lowering a ridgeline, and the software can almost instantaneously recalculate the cut/fill balance to meet the user’s design

One-button profile viewing and editing of channels and slopes allows user to see and change slope anywhere in the design.

Natural Regrade is ideal for integrating with Global Positioning System and laser machine control to simplify and speed construction and reduce costs. The need to survey and stake the designs in the field is eliminated using these technologies.

We have been pleasantly surprised at the success of Carlson Softwares. It truly meets a need in the marketplace. It has been embraced by end users and dealers alike.

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