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A look at the future of data collection -- real-time kinematic GPS and total station data collection directly in CAD! This Carlson Field 200 feature is yet another industry first from Carlson Software!

Carlson Field 2008 is available in two forms: Inside AutoCAD® or AutoCAD® Inside. Carlson Field, formerly call Tsunami, is available as a standalone program or as a modular program of Carlson 2008. The two forms of this product are called Carlson Field 2008 for AutoCAD and Carlson Field 2008 Standalone.

Carlson Field 2008 is data collection in CAD on small palmtop computers. The power is revolutionary. If you are currently using Carlson Field 2006 or 2007, or just want to know.

With this program, you can see what you are collecting, zoom in and out, or pan over. You can do any basic COGO operation and also any high-level CAD operation. You can even stakeout building corners, lot corners or any CAD feature by "snapping" to the point -- without creating point numbers.

Survey/civil, construction and GIS offices will be able to collect field data entirely in the CAD drawing, plotting all field data collected in the Autodesk DWG format. 


Standard Features

Full data collection inside CAD.
Reads/writes native .DWG format.
Plots points with symbols selected from symbol library.
Plots linework. Field-to-finish is completed in the field!
Does stakeout by point, station and offset, and road template.
Works with all major brands of total stations and GPS equipment.
See your points and linework as you data collect.
Ability to place text on your drawing and contour in the field to verify that you have taken enough points.
Field 2007 is designed for GIS work. It allows the collection of data associated with valves, manholes, power poles and other standard GIS elements. It works with affordable, sub-meter accuracy GPS systems from various manufacturers.
Coordinate Systems - Added support for Great Britain (OSGB-36), Australia (GDA-MGA, AGD84-AMG, AGD84-ISG, AGD66-AMG, AGD66-ISG), New Zealand (NZGD2000, NZGD49), Puerto Rico State Plane 83 and France (NTF-GR3DF97A). There is also a new user-defined datum and projection method. The datum definition consists of a Helmert 7-parameter datum shift with lookup tables for ellipsoids and datum shift values. The ellipsoid can also be user-defined. The user-defined projection supports Transverse Mercator, Lambert Conformal Conic 1 SP/2 SP, Double Stereographic, Oblique Mercator and Oblique Stereographic.
Geoid Support - Added support for geoids of Great Britain (OSGM02), Australia (GDA94) and  Canada (CGG2000, HT 2.0, HT 1.01).
Coordinate Order - Added the option whether coordinates are reported in northing-easting or easting-northing order.
Align Local Coordinates – For two point alignments, added the option for rotate-only where the first control point is used for translation and the second is used only for rotation. Added a report function to make a report of the localization control and GPS reference coordinates.
Multiple Measurements – The same point number can be measured multiple times and the program will average the coordinates for the point. Before accepting a new measurement, the program reports the statistics on how the new measurement effects the average.
Pitch Adjustment – For GPS, there is a new option to calculate the pitch based on the path of GPS positions. This pitch is then used to correct the position for below the antenna in Auto Points At Interval, Store Points, Track Position, Centerline Position and Elevation Difference. This option applies when mounting on a vehicle like an ATV.
Store Point – Added a toggle for “No Elevation” to create the points at zero elevation. For GPS, there is a new option to automatically start this routine in continuous read mode.
Stakeout – The screen pick point option has been improved to allow you to select from different snaps before picking the point.
Field To Finish – Added support for user-defined special codes such as start/stop and PC/PT.  Also added support for split multiple codes for linework. In Store Point, there is a new toggle to Join linework to a previous point.
Centerline Position – Added an option to use a profile to report cut/fill. Also added an option to use an light bar for guiding arrows based on left/right offset.
Elevation Difference – Added the option to use road design and cross section files to define the surface. These files include centerline, profile, template, section, superelevation and template transition. The program will calculate the design elevation for your current position from the road or section files and report the cut/fill and station/offset.
Point Check By Robotic – This is a new command to automatically take a series of direct-reverse shots to known coordinates and generate a report of the difference between the known coordinates and the coordinates calculated from the measurements.
GPS Equipment Setup – A text file can be used for sending multiple commands to the receiver.
Ashtech - Added function to reset the RTK solution. Added a configuration option for whether to enable the receiver warning beep.
InnerSpace – Added support for the InnerSpace Tech depth sounder.
Leica GPS – Added support for using cell phones for the RTK messaging.
Sokkia Laser – Added support for the Sokkia Contour Laser. True Field-to-Finish! 
Create a new drawing or update existing drawings directly in the field. 
Stake points by point number or simply pick endpoints or intersections of entities to stakeout. 
Cut & Fill automatically displayed for staked points with elevation or along any TIN or Grid terrain model. 
Station and offset reporting instantly for GPS or for Total Station stored points along any centerline created and loaded in Carlson Survey.
Unlimited 6th field GIS smart prompting for direct storage to a MDB database table, form or report.
Carlson Field 2007, coupled with Carlson 2007's GIS Module, quickly becomes the true Data Link that Planning and GIS professionals need and demand. 
Data Capture routines from SurvStar into AutoCAD MAP using our GIS Plus software entirely automate downloading, review/edit collected GIS info and create or update MDB GIS database tables. 
All GIS point data is automatically drawn layerized, with specific corner symbols, sized with line work using Carlson Software's Field-to-Finish routine. GIS point data is linked to the database all in one step. 
Carlson Field 2007 collects and stores points directly in the AutoCAD 2007 DWG format. 
Free Technical Support.

Supported Hardware

Instrument Baud Parity Bits Stop
Ashtech/Thales 9600 None 8 1
CSI GBX Pro/Omnistar Otto 9600 None 8 1
Garmin 9600 None 8 1
Geodimeter/Trimble 5600 9600  None 8 1
Impulse Laser CR400 9600 None 8 1
Impulse Laser IP200 4800 None 8 1
Javad 38400 None  8 1
Laser Atlanta 9600 None 8 1
Leica Disto 9600 Even 7 1
Leica MC1000 9600 Even  8 1
Leica MK31 4800 None 8 1
Leica System 500 GPS 9600 None 8 1
Lecia System 50 GPS 9600 None 8 1
Lecia TC Series 9600 None 8 1
Leica TS (Old) Series 2400 Even 7 1
NAVCOM GPS 9600 None 8 1
Nikon 310,500 4800 None 8 1
Nikon 800 9600 None 8 1
Nikon A Series 9600 None 8 1
NMEA GPS Receiver 9600 None 8 1
NovAtel 9600 None 8 1
Pentax 1200 None 8 1
Riegl Laser 9600 None 8 1
Sokkia Radian GPS 9600 None 8 1
Sokkia Radian IS GPS 9600 None 8 1
Sokkia Total Station 1200 None 8 1
Topcon 800 Direct 9600 None 8 1
Topcon 800A Direct 9600 None 8 1
Topcon 800A Remote 9600 None 8 1
Topcon APL 1 9600 None 8 1
Topcon GPS+ 38400 None 8 1
Trimble 4000/7400 38400 Odd 8 1
Trimble 4700/4800 9600 None 8 1
Trimble Generic 38400 None 8 1
Trimble Geo Explorer 9600 None 8 1
Trimble NT 300D 9600 None 8 1
Trimble Pathfinder 9600 None 8 1
Zeiss 4 1200 Odd 7 2
Zeiss 20 9600 None 8 1
Zeiss 50 9600 None 8 1
Zeiss RL 9600 None 8 1

Screen Shots

Click the below images to enlarge
The large buttons on all Carlson Field 2007 dialog boxes are designed for touchscreen computers such as the Panasonic Toughbook.

Field Main Dialog

This is the Point Store screen in total station mode. Notice the large buttons.

Point Store Mode

GPS Stakeout mode.

Portion of the drawing editor during Track mode.


Supported Hardware
Screen Shots
Suggested Hardware

We have been pleasantly surprised at the success of Carlson Explorer II. It truly meets a need in the marketplace. It has been embraced by end users and dealers alike.

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