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Dv TDM Software

Dv Products have been utilized in 31 countries for over 15 years. Dv Products can be Web Based, Client based, installed at your company or hosted and maintained by our professionals. Practical Programs provides turnkey "paper to digital document" solutions, document management systems, and consulting services.

* Manage, Access, and Share files in your Internet Browser and/or your Desktop * Configured specifically to fit your organization
* Check-out and Revision Control
* Office and CAD documents
* Content Search
* Workflow
* Convert files to PDF - Transmittal Distribution

Manage Engineering Drawings and
associated Documents

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* Controlled access to files – document and drawing access and modification is controlled via user profiles within the software administration settings.

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* Route Drawings – Dv TDM will route links to drawings using it’s built in Workflow engine to ensure QA and document distribution stages are completed correctly.

* Transmittals – Dv TDM allows you to distribute engineering documents easily while retaining an audit trail that tracks versions, users and date/time.

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* Controlled Access – provides the capability to control access to engineering drawings via the web interface so that contractors and clients can access information.

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* Security – configure management security settings that ensure only authorized access to each drawing or project.

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* Reference file management – warning indicators of existing reference files and options to include in upload/download.

* File compression - when checking out, downloading, or viewing drawings Dv TDM will compress the file to speed up transfer.

* Automatically create drawing numbers - Manage drawing number creation and/or drawing number reservation automatically.

* Linking database fields - ensure new drawings are using the proper title block, file naming, and folder structure.

* Automate existing company procedures – automatically routes designated file types to specific folders, tracks reference files, stores and replaces revisions, etc.

* Drawing Links - Maintain a link with the drawings so that changes to versions or information in drawings do not require the CAD Operator to update the database.

* View & Markup – Dv TDM allows the viewing and marking up of drawings without the need of the original CAD application.

* File Conversion - Enables the conversion of drawings into other CAD formats, DWF, PDF and other file types.

* Searching - search all your drawings to find part numbers or text. The text does not need to be an attribute in the drawing.

* Archiving – old projects can be archived to CD’s or DVD’s quickly and accurately with indexing.

* Importing - the folder Import Tool allows you to import all your existing documents using the originating folder path name, file properties, and the file name to populate the database fields.

We have been pleasantly surprised at the success of Dv TDM Software. It truly meets a need in the market place. It has been embraced by end users and dealers alike.

Request a demo or an evaluation CD and try it for yourself!

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